Bobo fashion to get excited every time

The inspiration of Bobo Fashion

Bobo was inspired and grew out of the colorful atmosphere and sustainable and non-chronological consumption of the Jaffa flea market.

Bobo Fashion‘ has over time become an integral part of the unique texture of Jaffa in general and the flea market in particular.

Bobo - a style that changes in a familiar way

Since 2011, Bobo Fashion has been a fashion style choice. This style is a kind of daring, fun, open, smart and relaxed fashion experience.

The Bobo brand has always remained true to the passion of designing and creating women’s fashion that expresses versatility, color and freedom. We at Bobo Fashion like to be a little different and a little familiar every season.

Our emphasis is on a line of designs that understand women and the constant changes.

Bobo Fashion keep the globe for you and for us

We at Bobo Fashion strive and persist in creating fashion out of respect for both people and the planet, and all this in order to maximize your enjoyment of wearing our clothes while maintaining a greener world.

Bobo’s designs are made of natural materials, recycled cotton and original prints.

We here at Bobo Fashion love women and are devoted to clothes!

We at Bobo Fashion are devout fashion lovers who believe that in fashion everything is allowed. We are in favor of connections that could not exist elsewhere and preach to experiment and change with diverse fashion experiences and add humor and color according to taste.

We at Bobo feel the need to move and be excited every time anew, it sometimes starts with the design of the fabric itself or thinking about what will be the most appealing to you, that you will look stunning in it, that you will be comfortable and feel free to be you in it.

Every season we get something a little different and a little familiar, always right, always from natural fabrics and meticulous qualities.

At Bobo Fashion you buy the happy dress, the one that puts you in a good mood.